neon m3

audiovisual perfomer, creative coder, device builder

Indonesia tour 2016

at beginning of 2016 I was invited by Jogja Noise Bombing to tour around some locations in Indonesia and do some noise.


Since I didn’t really plan it and didn’t have any dedicated sound equipment with me I decided I will build all my instruments on the way, relaying mostly on local sources and contacts.

Noise device building bricks Noise device building bricks


kota kinabalu hackspace

I limited budget for that to $100. Without clear idea what exactly I want to do, with big amount of improvisation I managed to build from scratch 4 different noise devices, with help of magnets, mobile apps, Arduino, sensors and master-control pure data patch.


In two weeks time I managed to build my setup from scratch, play 7 performances, made one workshop about my workflow and even self-release a compilation. It was really exciting time!



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