neon m3

audiovisual perfomer, creative coder, device builder


Live cinema story about blind musician haunted by recurring nightmares of his life as a sighted person. His violin – only constant – everything whats left, everything what stills makes it HIM is a weapon against recurring bad dreams. Focused completly on his ego-trip he DO NOT SEE the girl which is always there. For Him.





Present Girl is a narrative live video performance created as collaboration between Emiko and Neon. Neon wrote the script and assisted during video shoot as director, he made audio score as well. Emiko is in control of video during performance.

video: Emilia Gumańska (Emiko)
audio: Piotr Nierobisz (Neon)
blindguy: Marcin Weremczuk (Nihilista)
girl: Kasia Kiełbasa
fashion: Dominika Gembiak

presented at:
2012 – pre-videozone party at Mateusz place, Katowice, PL
2012 – Live Performers Meeting, Planet Alpheus, Rome, IT

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