neon m3

audiovisual perfomer, creative coder, device builder


I started vjing in late 2002 as my demoscene crew morphed into Palsecam / ITOA music project which needed visuals for concerts.

from 3d-graphics based abstract loops, my style progressed towards, sample-based, quickcly cut-up symbolic images.

Gradually I become more and more convicted to create all footage on my own and stop using sampled material all-together:

From 2003 I played more than 200 vj performances, creating visuals from noise acts, jazz bands, pop stars, clubbing nights and commercial actions. I was resident-vj of Droga do Mekki (Wroclaw) between 2005-2006, Offside (Zabrze) between 2006-2007 and Inspiral Lounge (London) in 2008.

From around 2009 I rarely do conventional VJing as I focus on more completed audio visual experiences and collaborations with other people.


Most notable VJ appearances:

2013 – Viemos de Egypto, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

2013 – Pyramid Scheme, Cape Town, South Africa
2013 – Rock on the beach festival, Zhuhai, China
2013 – Cybetrance 2013, Ageha ,Tokyo, Japan
2013 – Dadabar, Beijng, China

2012 – Noise Corruption, Union Bar, London, UK

2009 – Disorder, Liquid Club, San Gwann, Malta
2009 – Noise==Noise, Foundry, London

2008 – Scala, Bangface, London
2008 – Immersion, The Flea Pit, London
2008 – Sound on Vision, Vibe-bar, London
2008 – polishundeground, Mass, London

2006 – AVIT C/23, Berlin, Germany
2006 – Urban Art Forms Festival, Wiesen, Austria
2006 – Tattoo Convention, Kraków, Poland

2005 – Equaleyes visual congress, Vienna, Austria
2005 – Freeform festival, Warsaw, Poland
2005 – C/O/POP festival, Cologne, Germany
2005 – opening party for Krakowski Film Festival, Kraków, Poland
2005 – W-Parade, Wrocław, Poland

2004 – Nokia DJ CUP final, Warsaw, Poland

2002 – Tekstylia festival, Kraków, Poland
2002 – Ambient Festival, Gorlice, Poland

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