neon m3

audiovisual perfomer, creative coder, device builder



My creative work spans across different dimensions, from generative prints and bespoke wave generating devices, through noise ritualz, to narrative audiovisual live cinema performances.

I perceive my activity not as an art, but as constantly evolving research about human perception, our collective relationship with technology and how rapid tech-development influences story-telling and our experiences.

I work with noise, static photos, creative code, motion, field-recordings, self-shoot video footage and diy build electronic hardware.

Other important part of my activity is community activism – I support audiovisual culture, and strongly believe that energy spend on providing “meeting points” is not wasted, even if very oftern is not rewarding. Therefore I was responsible for first international vj festivals back in Poland from year 2003 and co-founded first polish online vj hub. Right now I take care about vjlondon and I’m one of co-founders of AV Depot festival.

I enjoyed hosting workshops, mostly focused on creative usage of open source technologies like Pure data to bind few different pieces of techs together.

If You are interested in collaboration, or wish to invite me to Your event, please get in touch. I’m based in London, but I travel as much as it’s possible

AV Depot
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