neon m3

audiovisual perfomer, creative coder, device builder

demoscene productions

Root of my creative actions is in demoscene activity which happen between 1996-2000. I was part of Hypnotize group and set up my own CNNB squad. Demoscence activity in 90s made me learn core programming and develop my interest in generative actions.

Homework 64kb intro:

Finished in 1998, hard coded in assembler, using EOS framework and own-made 3d engine.
code / “design”: Piotr Nierobisz (Neon)
music: Marcin Miś (Orbique)
logo: Daniel Nowak (Grass)
Placed 4th at Gravity98 demoscene party in Opole (PL)
exectuable version:

Kosmmooo 256 byte intro:

Hard coded in assembler, executable file is less than 256 bytes, made around 1999
This intro has no end, as the “cell system” is going towards infinity with more and more visual complexity. Probably at some point it will achieve typical visual noise, when resolution / calculate accurancy will be too small. Quality sucks badly because of compression.
Executable version with source code:

Analride 256 byte intro:

That was first attempt to write code for math co-processor. Hard coded in assembler, executable file is less than 256 bytes, finished around 1998. Noise texture on tunnel is actually program’s own code. Don’t ask about origin of title 😉 Compression killed the “quality”. Executable file with source accesible at:

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